Woodlands Is An Active Growing Community That Offers Superb Recreational Living

Woodlands, which got its name after views from the Johor side of the Straits, revealed a heavily wooded region, is one HDB town that grew extensively throughout the 1990s. It has become a town full of wide-open spaces, recreational facilities, communal gardens and more, and home to more than 240,000 residents. 


Woodlands Residences 

Woodlands offers plenty in the way of places to live with many executive and private condos, landed property for either sale or rent, townhouses and HDB flats. 

While these properties are affordable now, the government is putting millions of dollars into the region. Thus, what is affordable today may not be so affordable in the future – something to keep in mind if you’re considering Woodlands for a place to live in. Woodlands offers several executive condos, including Bellewoods, Forestville, Northwave, Rosewood and Twin Fountain. They are considered a stopgap between private condos and HDB flats, as they also have many condo-type facilities like a swimming pool. Woodlands is one of the few regions that offer HDB jumbo flats (flats made up of two combined HDB flats into one). These flats may be up to 2,000 square feet in size with five bedrooms. 


Living In Woodlands 

Woodlands is one of the many towns the Remaking Our Heartland program has tapped for further developments and upgrades. This is something current and prospective residents can look forward to, as it means more residential, recreational and commercial facilities coming to the area. HDB stated the plan for Woodlands is to make it a “Star Destination of the North,” ensuring it remains a regional center in Singapore. 

If all their plans do come to fruition – Discovery Playground, WoodsVista Gallery, Social Corridor, etc. – there would be no reason for residents to vacation elsewhere to have fun. 

As of now, Woodlands offers 12 primary schools, a handful of secondary schools and a junior college. Access to education is not something parents have to worry about when considering Woodlands as their place of residence.  A few of the schools offered here are:

  • Primary Schools – Canberra Primary School, Evergreen Primary School, Woodgrove Primary School and Woodlands Ring Primary School
  • Secondary Schools – Evergreen Secondary School, Fuchun Secondary School, Woodlands Ring Secondary School, and Woodlands Secondary School
  • Higher Education – Innova Junior College and Republic Polytechnic 

The most widely known school in this region is The American School. This school has been lauded as the reason many people choose to rent condos and landed properties in Woodlands. 

For healthy living, residents have plenty of places they can go for medical care, but the most commonly visited hospital is View Road Hospital. For older people who can no longer live in their home or with their loved ones, the Man Fut Tong Nursing Home is available. 

Many families focus on their faith to help them get through tough times (and even the not so tough times). Woodlands offers many places for people to worship – no matter what their denomination is including but not limited to:

  • Jin Fu Gong Temple
  • Masjid An-Nur Mosque
  • Sivakrishnan Temple
  • Woodlands Evangelical Free Church 


Enjoying Some Free Time In Woodlands 

There is plenty of recreational activities to do in Woodlands, with many more activities planned for the future. 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys shopping or just has to go shopping for necessities, Woodlands offers numerous shopping centers, including the Causeway Point Shopping Center – a place that many Woodlands residents tend to go to find what they need and desire. 

If you’re looking for furniture, the Courts Megastore, Budget Furnishing Market and CMYK Outdoor Furniture offer a range of furniture styles at affordable prices. 

Other places to go shopping in Woodlands include City Square, Woodlands North Plaza and Woodgrove Shopping Center. It should be noted that there is no shortage of shopping places that ensure people find what they need and want. 

Recreational facilities abound in Woodlands – that include indoor and outdoor excursions. For example, you can visit the Singapore Zoo, River Safari or Night Safari. You can enjoy a little wakeboarding or kayaking at Sembawang Park, check out Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve to see the different bird species. 

For those into history, the Kranji War Memorial is open to public viewing. 

Some fun activities with the kids include reading and borrowing books at the Woodlands Regional Library, learning to swim at Woodlands Swimming Complex, and learning how to motorbike ride at the Singapore Safety Driving Center. 

Other places to go for fun include:

  • Admiralty Park
  • Canberra Community Center
  • Victory Family Center
  • Woodlands Community Club 
  • Woodlands Town Garden 

Woodlands also offers much in the way of food – from hawker centers to restaurants mentioned in different food blogs. What are some of the places you should consider while here in the Woodlands area?

  • Bistro Delifrance
  • Citrus by the Pool (located in Woodlands Swimming Complex)
  • CocoCane (ideal for dessert lovers)
  • Garden Asia Bistro 
  • Lerk Thai Restaurant
  • Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant
  • Siam Square Mookata


Interesting Tidbits

  • Woodlands was initially developed to connect Singapore with the Malaysian peninsula but grew in its own right. 
  • Singapore Sports School, located in Woodlands, was the first sports school in Singapore.
  • Woodlands Civic Center is considered the area’s one-stop service for resident’s administrative needs 


HDB Resale Flats Prices in Woodlands

 Woodlands HDB Resale Flat Prices

 Flat type

 Average Price















Source: HDB resale price index portal, average transaction prices, June 2019 to June 2020

Residents of Woodlands often find themselves going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to shop and dine out than most Singaporeans. When people are once again able to take the Causeway for leisure travel, going to Johor Bahru will seem more like a long bus or train ride across the border.

Woodlands is quite an active estate, with Woodlands Regional Library alongside the MRT Station as well as the always busy Causeway Point. There is an abundance of amenities for residents in Woodlands, so it’s surprising that HDB resale flat prices remain affordable. You also have the advantage of saving money on groceries by shopping in Johor Bahru.

Have any question or are looking to buy an HDB resale flat in Woodlands?

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