Tengah Will Offer Residents A Chance To Be “At Home With Nature”

Tengah is one of the newest Housing and Development Board towns that focuses on smart living and eco-friendliness. The Tengah development is offering newer homes and workspaces for those looking to live in the western parts of Singapore. 

The area was once restricted only to the military. During the 1980s, the government enacted its resettlement plan for the villagers in this area, relocating them to towns close by such as Bukit Batok, Jurong Green and Jurong Spring. Its schools were also moved to other locations. After the area was cleared, two projects – KJE and PIE – began, which led to the development of Choa Chu Kang New Town and Jurong West New Town.

The public was not allowed to enter because of military training activities until 1996 and the eastern half until 2005. After the military training area was demilitarized, Plantation Grove was the first estate to be built and ready for occupation in November 2018.  


What Plans Are Being Laid Out For Tengah 

Today, the area is broken down into five divisions – Brickland, Forest Hill, Garden, Market Place, Park and Plantation. The plan for Tengah is to provide residents with a new way to live and various recreational activities. The town is set to focus on nature, allowing them to be “At Home with Nature.” The thought is Tengah will have 42,000 new homes among the five districts, each with its own distinct characteristics.

  • Brickland District – With this area, residents can be taken back into time of its industrial past when bricks were being manufactured. Still, it’ll offer unwavering sights to the greenery that surrounds it.  
  • Forest Hill District – The idea is to live among the nature and bring it to residents’ doorsteps.
  • Garden District – This area will be deemed an “urban sanctuary,” fostering communal living and activities. 
  • Park District – This is going to the heart of Tengah and the first in Singapore to be “car-free.” It will be enveloped by the Forest Corridor and other breathtaking landscapes.
  • Plantation District – This district will focus on community farming, including a Community Farmway. Here, there will be activities and facilities like farm-to-table dining and farmers’ markets. 


The Creation Of An Evergreen Forest Town 

The Biophilic Town Framework is set to offer residents a better quality of life – for health and well-being. The framework will also help with the development of nature-centered and holistic neighborhoods that allow the residents to feel in touch with nature and enjoy its many benefits.


Closer Communities

Tengah is set to offer a plethora of facilities to ensure convenience, such as:

  • Medical facilities
  • Hubs
  • Community hub
  • Town center 

The neighborhood centers will also have transportation connections that help residents reach the facilities they need. 


Movement Around Town 

Singapore is working toward a people-friendly, eco-friendly atmosphere. Tengah will be the first car-free HDB town, with roads running under its center so above ground can be used by pedestrians – bicyclers or walkers. This will also make it safer to enjoy recreational activities without fear of being hit by a vehicle. 

There will be various transportation options for Tengah residents to enjoy, such as the Jurong Region Line or buses. Most residents will live near an MRT station. 


Tengah To Become A “Smart and Sustainable” Town

Tengah’s infrastructure will ensure the town is equipped with products that meet residents’ technological needs and create the “Smart and Sustainable” town the Singapore government aims for. At the same time, the area’s natural forest will be well-protected. What can prospective residents expect with Tengah?

  • Automatic Waste Collection – Tengah will use the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System – an automated waste collection system using high-speed air to remove waste. This will help facilitate a cleaner and hygienic living atmosphere, as there will be fewer odors and spillage that often occurs with manual collections. It will also help stave off pest infestations. 
  • Centralized Cooling System – HDB is developing a centralized cooling system for certain areas, so residents’ homes have regulated temperatures. The system will allow for better energy efficiency, with residents seeing a drop in their utility bills.
  • Electric Vehicle-Enabled – Tengah is being designed with charging stations in car parks for electric vehicle owners to use. 
  • Smart Energy Management – HDB is collaborating with SP Group to look at making Tengah a Smart Energy Town by using artificial intelligence. SP Group is set to create a software system that will optimize energy use and foster energy conservation throughout the town. They are also working on an app residents can use to watch how much energy they are using. 
  • Smart Homes – Tengah HDB homes are being developed with smart-switched socket outlets and a smart distribution board. Using a mobile app, residents can see how much energy they are consuming, so they can make adjustments where necessary to improve the home’s energy usage so they can save even more money. 
  • Smart Light – This will be used to handle the lighting based on the amount of human traffic in and out of the area. The idea is to lower energy consumption without compromising the need for lights. 
  • Smart Planning – HDB towns are being planned and designed with the help of data analytics and computer simulations to reduce heat and make great use of wind. They are also being used to come up with cost-effective solutions to attain sustainable goals.


Upcoming Developments in Lim Chu Kang/Tengah

There are developments planned for the Lim Chu Kang/Tengah area, including building of new HDB BTO flats.

This will be totally new, as there are no other large developments in this neighbourhood. It is now being called “Forest City” because plans are to keep the environment as close to nature as possible. People will enjoy plenty of lush greenery because there will be community farms and a “car-free” pedestrian only HDB town centre, which is the first for Singapore. 

This town will be sustainable and residents who love nature will love the ambiance, while still enjoying the amenities of nearby neighbourhoods like Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang and Jurong. 

Plans are for the residents of Tengah to have connectivity via an integrated transport hub with plenty of cycling paths to encourage a “car-free” lifestyle. The Jurong Region Line will also serve this neighbourhood when it’s finished.

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