Sembawang Is Major Singapore Port Community With Abundance of Fun Activities

Sembawang is a major port in Singapore but still offers a suburban atmosphere. The area used to be a British naval base with British military living here. It’s the reason why many high-quality amenities are offered. In 1968, the base was converted into a commercial dockyard. The Singaporean government ensured Sembawang became an industrial powerhouse. 

With more industrial businesses coming to the area, residents of Sembawang will have more job opportunities near their homes. For example, Sembawang Shipyard is a business that offers ship upgrades and repairs. Then, the North Coast Wafer Fab Park and Woodlands Regional Center provide many retail jobs. 


Sembawang Housing and Comfortable Living 

Sembawang HDB Estate and New Town saw most of its development occur during the 1990s.  It was designed to ensure residents had everything they needed in the area. It is now the home of nearly 60,000 people and continues to grow every year as the area is further developed. As of now, its flats have been divided into three subdivisions:

  • Canberra Division
  • Chong Pang Division 
  • Sembawang Division

The community of Sembawang offers plenty of private and public housing for people to move into. The area has undergone a plethora of changes, and the offered HDB flats tend to be spacious and large. BTO (Built-to-Order) flats are regularly offered. If a private home is what prospective residents want, then Parc Life, The Visionaire, The Nautical and Canberra Residences are options to consider. 

A residential community means there is a need for schools, churches and hospitals. Sembawang is in no short supply of those. Families with children have many choices of schools here – ranging from pre-school to higher education. Some of the schools offered here include:

  • Primary Schools – Canberra Primary School, Endeavours Primary School, Sembawang Primary School and Wellington Primary School 
  • Secondary Schools – Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Canberra Secondary School, Naval Base Secondary School and Sembawang Secondary School  
  • Higher Education Schools – ITE College Central (Yishun Campus), National Maritime Academy and Republic Polytechnic

When it comes to healthcare and places to worship, Sembawang offers many places to go:

  • Healthcare – Canberra Medical Center, Healthway Medical Group and Yishun Polyclinic
  • Worship Centers – Masjid Assyafaah, Praise Evangelical Church and Sembawang Tian Hoon Tien God of Wealth Temple 

The Sembawang Public Library is open to the public but is widely used by students to help with their studies. 

Entertainment and Fun 

Sembawang is overflowing with things to do and see. Whatever its residents could want, Sembawang made sure to offer it. For example, there are plenty of places to shop here. The two main shopping malls include Sembawang Shopping Center and Sun Plaza. What makes them so worthwhile compared to other places?

Sun Plaza offers an array of restaurants and eateries as well as several educational centers for children, dance class schools, etc. There is also an NTUC supermarket NTU here. This could be considered a one-stop-shop for all your family’s needs. 

The Sembawang Shopping Center has many stores, such as furniture and home décor stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, spas and beauty stores. There is even a karaoke lounge here.

For places to eat, there are tons of places to choose from – all from local cuisines to international ones.   Claypot rice and bee hoon dishes are some of the favorite dishes at the Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice. Another restaurant that offers bee hoon is the White Restaurant, which is tasty and highly aromatic.  

Sum’s Kitchen is said to have Singapore’s best-roasted duck, but it’s a place that needs days-in-advance reservations because of its popularity. 

  • Korean food is also quite popular here, especially the Korean Fried Chicken at Seoul Chicken.  
  • HandleBar is a biker-themed restaurant with amazing American food.
  • Baker’s Brew Studio offers specialty cakes like the Onedeh Ondeh Cake.

Other dining places to enjoy include:

  • Min Lock Eating House
  • Bistro Delifrance
  • Cavana
  • Ah Mei Café
  • Country Manna Yishun Industrial Park A Food Center

When you have free days, you can spend them at any of the local community centers, country clubs or parks.  For example, you can have fun at the Sembawang Community Center, Safra Yishun Country Club, Admiral Country Club or the Chong Pang Community Club/Center. If you want something outdoors, there is plenty of things to do – there is T-Net Club @ Sembawang, Sembawang Canoe Club, Mandai Tekong Park or Yishun Park.  

Residents can also enjoy ORTO nearby, a wonderful 24-hour outdoor leisure facility for the entire family, as well as Sembawang Park and Sembawang Hot Spring Park. At Sembawang Park, you can cookout at any of its barbecue facilities or take advantage of the natural beach to get some time in the water or watch the sunrise or set.  The park also has some history, such as the black and white bungalow called the Beaulieu House, remnants of the 1920s Seletar Pier, and the renovated pathway used when the Japanese occupied the area. 

The park is also great for residents who just want to go walking, bird watching, exercising or take in the scenes and sounds of nature.  


Interesting Tidbits 

  • Bawang means onion in Malay
  • Sembawang has many attractions such as Sembawang Hot Spring (only natural mainland hot spring), Bottle Tree Village and Sembawang Park.
  • Sembawang was called after the Sembawang tree in Sembawang Park. 


HDB Resale Flats Prices in Sembawang

 Sembawang HDB Resale Flat Prices

 Flat type

 Average Price















Source: HDB resale price index portal, average transaction prices, June 2019 to June 2020

HDB resale prices in Sembawang are still incredibly affordable since Singapore’s north side has often been treated as the forgotten step-child. However, this location is starting to look up with new developments planned now that it has the Canberra station with the Jurong Region Line soon to follow.

Have any question or are looking to buy an HDB resale flat in Sembawang?

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