Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Is A Vacation Destination For Visitors and Residents

Pasir Ris, meaning "white sand" in Malay, definitely has earned its name with its location along Singapore's northeastern coastline with white sandy beaches. Once inhabited by kampungs and plantation estates, this residential estate highlights an air of seaside living – something that can be seen in its architecture.


Pasir Ris Residential Homes and Lifestyle

Pasir Ris, which is divided into seven subzones namely Pasir Ris West, Elias, Pasir Ris New Town, Pasir Ris Park, Pasir Ris Drive, Loyang East, and Loyang, offers all the important amenities that include schools, places of worship, healthcare, shopping, food, libraries and more. 

In times past, the area was widely developed to become a popular residential region, with condos and HDB estates being widely sought after for residences. Due to the rise in chalets, resorts and amusement parks, real estate prices have increased tremendously. Still, 150,000 people call this area home, with many more property buyers looking into the area. Although the area is considered a tourist hub, the world-class privilege is enticing visitors to become residents.

There was a need for schools with families moving into the region – from early education to higher education. 

  • Primary Schools – Casuarina Primary School, Coral Primary School, Elias Park Primary School and Loyang Primary School 
  • Secondary Schools – Greenview Secondary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Loyang Secondary School and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School 
  • Higher Education Schools – Kuroda, Meridian Junior College and Singapore Institute of Commerce 

The Pasir Ris Community Library is also available to students to assist them in their studies when it's necessary. Of course, the library is open to anyone who wants to spend time reading and enjoying downtime in peace. 

Religion is also a big part of the community, which is why there are several heartland places of worship – Al-Istinghfar Mosque, Bethesda Pasir-Ris Mission Church and Kwang Hua Buddhist Monastery. 

Healthcare is also a must in the community – whether it's preventive or emergent. Three hospitals/clinics offered to residents (and visitors) are St. Andrew's Community Hospital, St. Andrew's Mission Hospital and Metta Hospice Care. 

Pasir Ris residents have recently seen changes happening to their town thanks to the Remaking Our Heartland Program. Now that the Downtown Line and expanded bus services are in operation, accessibility to Singapore's East side is greatly improved. Pasir Ris is not far from Changi Airport, which has many retail stores and restaurants that residents can enjoy. 

Entertainment and Fun For Residents and Tourists 

Pasir Ris residents often find the area even more enchanting during the holiday seasons with its numerous recreational facilities and amenities. However, the fun doesn't just extend to holidays. What are some of the things that can be seen and enjoyed in Pasir Ris?

There is no short supply of shopping experiences people can have here, but the two primary places residents and visitors check out are Downtown East and White Sands Shopping Center. The White Sands Shopping Center is in close proximity to the Pasir Ris MRT Station and Bus Interchange, making it easy to get to. Here, you can check out the Pasir Ris Public Library, do some grocery shopping or go window shopping for clothing, electronics, etc. The mall was built with the premise to be the one-stop-shop for heartland residents. 

As for Downtown East, the idea was to give residents a place to enjoy some downtime with various activities such as a bowling alley, Cineplex, waterpark and laser tag arena. There is also an adventure club for children. The Wild Wild Wet is the largest waterpark in Singapore, with a plethora of water slides and pools (such as a wave pool), making it a popular destination attraction for families and others. 

Downtown East has a pool training center called Cue Guru, which can be used by professionals and non-professionals. 

Pasir Ris includes an IKEA store, which means residents can purchase any furniture or home products they need.  With so many amenities here, there's no need to travel to buy their necessities. 

Smaller malls that residents can check out are Loyang Point, Elias Mall and Pasir Ris West Plaza.

If you want to enhance your skills and learn new things, the Pasir Ris Community Club offers classes for all kinds of things. You can also rent out its facilities for special days (sports courts, function rooms). The community club includes an indoor archery range and a toy library dedicated to children with special needs. 

Other community clubs and centers that residents can enjoy include Aranda Country Club, Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club and Victory Family Center. 

On good weather days, many residents find themselves hanging out at the Pasir Ris Park, which is also adjacent to the beach. Nature lovers enjoy it because it has a 6ha mangrove forest. 

Pasir Ris is also known for its good eating, but you need to know where to go. If you want foreign cuisine with a local twist, the Herb Bistro inside Downtown East offers plenty to choose from (local gelato flavors, Claypot Laksa Pasta, etc.). At the Ministry of Rojak, you can find a wide array of local Indian food. 

If your palate is itching for other cuisines, the Basil Inn offers Thai food while Mukshiddona offers Korean dishes. Both places offer authentic foods at reasonable prices. 

Other places to try include:

  • Cavana
  • Leck Thai Restaurant 
  • Old Chang Kee
  • Swensen's 

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Interesting Tidbits

  • Pasir Ris is considered a vacation town because of the different chalets and resorts that allow Singaporeans to escape their busy daily lives. 
  • The town offers a cycling network path, enabling cyclists to get to and from places easily and without problems. 
  • Pasir Ris Is home to Singapore's largest outdoor theme park – Escape Theme Park, which is found in the recreational and entertainment hub known as NTUC Downtown East. 
  • Widely-known Singapore singer/songwriter Kevin Matthews parodied Waterloo Sunset, calling it Pasir Ris Sunrise. 


HDB Resale Flats Prices in Pasir Ris

 Pasir Ris HDB Resale Flat Prices

 Flat type

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Source: HDB resale price index portal, average transaction prices, June 2019 to June 2020

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